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Marketing & Music

The name of this website dates back to 1999, back when your email was tied to your ISP provider.  Remember those days? Change your internet access provider… change your email… unless you had AOL, which I wasn’t a fan of.  So I bought my own domain based on my vocation (marketing) and my passion (music).

Though I’ve only done a little bit of music-focused marketing, I’m still just as passionate about marketing and music. Here are a few web sites and newsletters that I enjoy for each:



American Marketing Association – I’ve gotten so much value from my membership, going all the way back to college. Get involved with your local chapter!

Morning News Beat – A great daily newsletter for anyone in the food & beverage industry

Springwise – a great source of inspiration

Trendwatching – Essential trend site and newsletter

The Hub – Great feature-length articles

Cool News from The Hub – A few short articles each day that provide insight into consumer behavior and trends

Smartbrief on Leadership – Because being a good marketer is more than just knowing about marketing

Smartbrief on Marketing – Because you still need to keep up on what’s happening in marketing

Beloved Brands Brand Stories – Some of the best writing on brand management out there



AllMusic – The argument ender for music geeks

American Songwriter Magazine – A great read for anyone who appreciates a good song, and their weekly “Lyric of the Week” is a great insight into the meaning behind a song

Rolling Stone magazine – I’ve been a subscriber since I was in 9th grade

Pollstar – the secret weapon for finding out whether or not the opening band is worth checking out

XM Sirius Radio – I haven’t regularly listened to terrestrial radio regularly since about 2001. Every time I do, I remember why I don’t.

Setlist.fm – I’ve been to over 150 concerts and seen over 240 artists. Someday I’ll update my Setlist.fm profile with all of them

Shazam – Best. App. Ever.

BandsInTown.com – Great place to track your favorite artists’ shows